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Maxiliv Inj
Composition: Each vial contains: Glutathione BP 600 mg.

Indications: Treatment of alcoholic liver diseases like alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic liver fibrosis, alcoholic liver cirrhosis & hepatitis.

Adverse reactions: Rare instances of skin rash have been reported which have disappeared after discontinuation of treatment. Mild pain at injection site has also been reported. As is the case with all intravenous infusions,febrile reactions, infections at site of injection, venous thrombosis or phlebitis and extravasation may occur.

Contra-indications: Maxiliv injection is contraindicated in the patients who show hypersensitivity to reduced glutathione.

Precautions: If unusual symptoms such as eruption, pale face, blood pressure drop, or difficulty in breathing occur during therapy, discontinue the drug administration immediately.

Dosage and administration: The dose of Maxiliv injection is dependent on severity of the disease, in mild to moderate disease- 600 mg to 2.4 g twice daily by intramuscular or slow intravenous injection.
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