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Ushering new dawn for the management of Preterm Labour
It is unfortunate that India sadly owes highest 24% premature birth burden of the world. Consequences could be higher rates of cerebral palsy, sensory deficits, learning disabilities and respiratory illness which are often associated with enormous physical, psychological and economic costs of NICU coupled with high mortality.

To manage preterm labor, so far in India, only non-uterospecific therapies (Isoxsuprine, Nifedipine, Ritodrine) were available with low success rate and higher maternal and foetal adverse effects.

On this backdrop, 1st time in India, Zuventus introduces The Internationally Acclaimed Uterospecific Oxytocin Receptor Antagonist, Tosiban (Atosiban Injection), The Best and Safest Tocolytic Agent which is Recommended by RCOG & European Union as a first-line Tocolytic for the management of Preterm Labor. Moreover, in-house manufacturing of Atosiban at World Class production facility of API & Formulation ensures highest quality.

We are sure, Tosiban will help to manage preterm labor better and will delight medical fraternity with its efficacy & safety…
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